I love Fridays! There’s something hopeful about them. Something silly and carefree. Something easy.

What a perfect day to write for five minutes without one second’s worry about how it turns out.

Lisa-Jo calls it fingerpainting with words. I like that.

This week, the topic is BRAVE. Wanna join in the fun? If so, write up your post (remember…five minutes only) and head over to Lisa-Jo’s site, The Gypsy Mama to link up. Go visit some of the other participants…especially the one who posted right before you. Leave them sweet comments. Bloggers love comments! Me included.

Ok…again…the topic is BRAVE. Here’s my take! Ready. Set. GO!!!

Rejection scares me more than anything in the whole, wide world.

I need to be liked. Approved of. Received with open arms.

So what am I doing?

Throwing myself in the path of rejection train!

Submitting my writing to literary agents.

Hanging my shingle to start speaking.

Considering a career change from teacher to school guidance counselor.

What am I doing? Holy moly?

I’m scared, but I’ve determined that this is the time for me to be brave. To grow to understand that even if I get rejected daily for the rest of my life, I am OK. I am loved by the ones who matter. I am accepted by the ones who matter. By the ONE who matters.

So…wish me luck friends! Throw me a “you can do it” when you feel so inclined. Rejection…you won’t get the best of me NO MORE!